Heart On (client-therapist privilege)

Heart On

“His heart was in the right place,” she told me, “It’s just that his fixation with my tits gets on my nerves.”

“Don’t get me wrong. I like the attention. But it’s all he talks about. He can’t carry on a conversation while looking me in the eyes. And let’s not even talk about sex. It’s just… Like an oral fixation or something.”

She was my client, speaking in confidence, of course, lying there on the couch next to me. I didn’t really get hot or anything, but there was something magical about her chest. Or maybe it was the tight tank tops she chose to wear, barely covering the lively bounce as she gestured with her hands.

“He’s great, I mean, I’m not sure I love him or anything, but most of the time we have fun together. But, I’m starting to get a little self-conscious.”

There were so many questions I wanted to ask her. Did she understand that her clothes might exacerbate the issue? I needed to stick to a more Freudian approach.

“Do you notice others paying overt attention to your geometry?”

“Geometry, doc?”

“Oh, sorry… Do you like the attention from others?”

“It’s no problem. I’ve always liked the way I look.”

“No, what I meant, was… Do other men seem to fixate on your breasts?”

“Sure, but that’s different.”

“How is it different?”

“I’m trying to have a relationship with this guy, not with everyone.”

“And his appreciation… Why do you think he makes you feel different?”

“What are *you* looking at, doc?”

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