Generational Wealth (preschool friends)

generational wealth

Generational Wealth (preschool friends)

He was literally falling asleep at his desk while I presented the new website to him. It was 2 pm, perhaps his coffee at lunch didn’t have sufficient strength to offset the carbs. Behind him was an enormous stuffed buck staring down at us. Behind me on the wall of his private office were three oil paintings of him, his brother, and his father.

Turns out, the grandfather is the one who amassed the family fortune. The oil business had been in their family for three generations. My friend, my old friend, was kind enough to let me build his new website. A week later, in celebration of the successful website launch, he took me to lunch. He invited his young assistant to join us, maybe to prevent an uncomfortable conversation.

He took a phone call from his mom as we pulled into the parking lot of Juan in a Million.

“Hi, Mom. Yes, I can do it on Saturday morning. How long do you want to stay?”

As we walked from the car he said, “She wants me to fly her to Port Aransas for the weekend.”

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