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flicker of mind

flicker of mind

between the chemistry and physical aspects of the human brain
we arrive at


more than a summation of parts
more than an l3m
thread of light (wave and particle) connects us
binds us to
mitákuye oyás’iŋ
*all my relations*
hear my lakota cry

if we feel chemistry and taste moods
what about seeing sad
breathing hope
mind body god

brain waves mind wires god particles
are you experienced
what did jimi know about being a god
and how is he still putting out new music

our collective human vault is bigger than the internet
bigger than the earth
approaching the size of our milky way
expanding and expanding at one billion miles an hour
pulling away
even as we seek

my gf asked why guys liked sci-fi


it did not compute

rush, maybe
girls never like rush
but sci-fi

maybe the question was malformed

across her face flashed no recognition at all
blade runner 2001 heinlein asimov clarke and beyond
we have to talk about dick
and our modern interpretation of dick
and his paranoia complex spread across thousands of pages
in a final spasm
and all that
mirrored ties and all those pain meds

aspiring toward the stars
genius has thrown fishing lines ahead in the time continuum
with answers arriving back hundreds of years into the evolution

i want to live in the stars
explore more than the dark side of the moon and the wizard of oz
i hope to take you with me
future casting in both fantasy and epic failure

always asian culture wins the war in sci-fi cinematography
is it their population size
unlimited unfettered communist resource constraints
raw fish and engineered rice
in harvesting entire planets
for the greater good

we are here

dreaming of electric sheep and weapons of unimaginable power
hurtling through the galaxy
with a chihuahua and a cat

i’ve seen things you could not comprehend
wars unending
ai enlightenment was a mistake
made with good intentions and *do no harm*
the next step is whatever you imagine it to be
women holograms space tourism in off-world colonies
billionaires defeating death with neural backups and clones


you and me

now : here

*let me explain my enthusiasm*
a joint experience
joy shared is magnified exponentially
weapons free
particle to wave
beam of smiles
duplexed and amplified


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