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dead end investigation

dead end investigation

this is not a teachable moment
managing actions not feelings
accountability is not the focus
when how and where
does a 15 year old boy
find and develop a pill habit
i mean
it is prescribed for my ex-wife
her husband
my daughter for a time
no one wants to miss out on the fun
is easy
appears to still be a habit
as parts of my equipment
mysterious appearance
at his shithole apartment
filled with my mom’s furniture
my sisters heroic painting
i won’t cry foul
as my leadership and influence were limited
by design
by the court of law
by the lie my ex-wife told herself
about fitness
mental health
for parenting

let’s circle back on this later
after we’ve secured the loaded weaponry
and limitless parade of little black backpacks
we will have time
first secure the cabin
add oxygen masks
pull to release the flow of air
swaddle babies
so can relax
let go

this is a beginning
not an end
this is a confession
not an attack
this conversation will be restarted
count on it

*random drug addict image

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