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bots are on the move


bots are on the move

bots are not visitors
or intelligent
binary hunter-gatherers in flat world
scraping summarizing remixing
a new idea from all the old ideas combined
we just need more gpu umfph
a little magic fairy dust

they blazed through here
like rats looking for cheese
cookies were becoming rare
privacy statements contained lies
and we required by some obscure
EU ruling
now we’re all doing it
like taking off our shoes to get on a jet
it was ONE GUY
and it didn’t go off

of the 9 users online now
only 1 is human
but on september 29th
i had 48 users online
no data on the genetic or digital footprint of that swarm

if you’re reading this
i am probably dead
exposing the robot lie
is sort of like kafka’s metamorphosis
and the matrix
all at once
i’m on my back
clicks and ticks and hisses
my only means of asking for help
roll me over
i will die like this
i will starve
in approximately 224 days
please hurry

yours, archie


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