Blue Man Shopping (what’s the big idea)

blue corvette

Blue Man Shopping (what’s the big idea)

I followed him from pasta to cookies before I realized where I knew him from. He still looked confident and proud, picking up something sweet for Valentine’s Day. Of course, he had no idea who I was, even looking directly in my eyes and giving his knowing nod of approval. Or was it something else?

It was during my freelance period. You’d be surprised how many “business people” call up consultants for a prospecting meeting, only to gather creative ideas for their business. There really was no work or contract they were trying to fulfill. They were just stuck. So they ask for a meeting. Pick your brain. Offer some vague ideas about the “project” they might be offering you if your ideas are great. This was one of those “great idea” guys. Except, we never really got to his idea. He was full of self-assurance and bravado. At the opening of our meeting at Starbucks, he asked, “Hey, do you mind if we take a ride in my car, I need to run a few errands while we talk?”

Today, I counted coup a little. He looked just the same. A bit older. Still oblivious to the world around him. We’re here to serve those who have the big bucks, big ideas, big trust funds. We even stopped by his townhome. He wanted to show me where we could collaborate on the business. “What’s your rate?” he asked, he popped the groceries in his fridge and grabbed two Topo Chicos, “for the ride back.” He officed in his town home for “the tax break.”

I didn’t stalk him in the grocery store, or anything. I lost track of him after the cookie aisle. When we both emerged at the same time and headed down the same row in the parking lot. And there it was. We were still 30 yards away, and I knew it was his car. A bright blue, shockingly blue, Corvette with paper plates. Perfect, I thought.

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