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just when i felt secure and happy
bitch kitty boss lost his mind
stripped and searched
nothing to see here
the machine is firing expectedly
hr is corporate protectionism
work from home is real
and the lies being reimagined by ai
are the same lies
cubicles are economically efficient
and soulfully doomed
water cooler culture was for serfs
not glass box executives
working remotely
as they liked

i’m sorry i can’t hear you
over the bullshit
and the sleeves on your arms
raised over your head like a gorilla
or skater punk boyish man
with minimal skills
and a mid-manager title
in a big company
cooking our planet by permission
and vision questing ai speculators
this is our moment
time to shine and rise
drain the 401k
the machine has rage and authority
but no clothes
or soul



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