three meetings – a poem

three meetings – a poem

i cannot hold her any longer
this imagined lover
an illusion my heart sketched
and my mind filled in
expanded into mythological beauty
she was here
she was smiling
she was warm
she was accommodating
and then…

i don’t take affront
to her protestations of being busy
i mean
we all understand busy
my offers and come-ons
remain unanswered
while continuing to exchange
polite enthusiasms with me
and ignore requests for more time
that was the answer
even if i didn’t want to hear it

her time
was substantially more valuable
and as i close down
this wing of hopefulness
her inspiration architected
i am thankful
for the force
with which she entered my life
set my sails for calmer seas
and settled my revved up passion
she stopped the quest for a second
gave me a momentary sighting
of the promised land
that was all made up
of poems and arrows
aimed at this image of her
gathered from three meetings
and a handful of hugs
and a luminous beauty radiating
from a woman
with confidence
and clarity about where she’s headed


where this story began: she knows you are eager to begin – a poem

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