tempo – a poem for brené brown

tempo – a poem for brené brown

i named the puppy tempo
in a gesture towards my musical ambitions
and the name has come to be something else
as in, take your time
exhale and release
we are alone
in this journey
a relationship is double-edged
and a heart in love
may miss signs of despair
unrelated to the present affair

i do not seek drama
i aspire to long slow kisses
and another lovely woman
with dreams and aims
all her own
shall we align
and see what becomes of our adventure
side by side
there is no reason to board a train
that is moving in a different direction
no desire big enough
worth derailing your own trajectory

there is always time
when the fears of lack appear
perhaps a distant disease
at work in the dark jungle
of some remote memory
i cannot heal or reach
nor should i try
it is not my role to enmesh
but to empower
not to engulf and embrace
but to stand beside you
in alliance
and then
let you burn
with whatever fires you need to purge
i cannot reach you
but i can support your journey

our journeys are solo free climbs
the net is of our own creation
and a lover is not a guide
but a champion
of vulnerability
and calm resolve
reflecting back your brighter self
your whole self
and standing next to you


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