godspeed, brother – a poem

godspeed, brother – a poem

how do we fly our lives at half-mast
and soak in the grief we often avoid
with the departed loved one
as close as they will ever be
in memory and feel
recalling the joy and light
that was their way
and now continues
beyond our hearing, touch, or vision

they are light
and with friends
and a family of angels
who left before them
to prepare a way
for all of us

in loss
we must celebrate

in tears
we learn the cost of big love
and the journey
we are all on

he has left this space
for another dimension
and as i touched his cooling body
for the last time
i whispered

i love you brother


thomas rudd mcelhenney jr. left the planet at 1:19 on August 28th, several days after his 64th birthday. he was surrounded by family and his now surrounded by angels

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