and if she doesn’t ask – a poem

and if she doesn’t ask – a poem

as she passes by
i am reminded
of the passing of time
the missing of spirits
the timing of love
and what didn’t work
at this moment
she is still there
she is still amazing
i am still in love
without expectations
or demands
she will not be chased
she cannot be caught
she must return
and make requests of her own

i am big at making an overture
as i ignight and fire all darts
tipped with fantasy
and an exlir of so much
she would probably

i am listening
these days
in a new way
to her heartbeat
to her resonance
and how she asks
for what she wants
we all do
and if she doesn’t ask
isn’t that enough
of an answer

she inhabits a corner
of my mind
as muse and icon
of some new level
i have not yet achieved
i am clear
i have not arrived
at the full expression
of myself
i have been given reprieve
to reformulate
all the demands i can identify
in myself
and lay them out
in a map
to explore
on my own

she is still out there
still asking for what she wants
and when i hear no reply
this one has made her desire

so we sail forward
as untethered souls
and when the time has passed
and our hearts are awakened again
we will go looking
for a new alignment
that is greater than the sum
of our hearts
greater than the longing
can conjure up

she will show up
and stand in
and we can begin


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