all the way – a poem

all the way – a poem

[from Making Love To Other Women – poetry]

i can see her before me now
like an ocean of yes

all, all the way

i can see all the ways
that she fits me now
all the ways that she gets me now
all the ways

all, all the way
finding hope – finding home
finding hope – finding home
in you

every day she surrounds me now
she awakens me, she’s awake
she gives to me, sometimes every day
every single way, yeah she gives

and if ever i forget
she’s got a way to bring me back
when i’m alone
when i’m wandering in the dark
she doesn’t let me go alone
she brings me home

all the way – she feels deeply now
and she knows, she just knows
we can play, we can withstand this joy
every single day, every day, along the way


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