a rough start to shakespeare’s day – a poem

a rough start to shakespeare’s day – a poem

a rough start to shakespeare’s day
rumble tumble to the kitchen
and keurig coffee coffee coffee
with some sort of elixir
and gurgle hiss before fuel arrives
a poem is the last thing we need
what we need is
empathetic response to the horrors of the world
that won’t do
a word
to mean
a believing poet who can translate
an epiphany into action
and then
follow through on something
this typing
and sipping bitter brain tonic
while missing one vital organ
one micro-filament lead to the heart
fluttering with the yeses and nos
of this day’s agenda
nevermind the week
the monday blues
as harmonies and fantasies fade
in the rising light
and deepening debt
this letter and word typed cleanly
has no bearing on anything
except my own inner compass
and resonance
with mondays of the past
when someone else drove the action forward
with scheduled breaks
and unhealthy lunch
when you’d try to catch your breath
and jump back in
with more coffee
and more enthusiasm
that tasted a bit like bile
as the details, plans, meetings,
and conference calls
charted out like an adventure
on a whiteboard
with dry-erase markers
almost too dry to give direction
and it all sort of looked interesting
and it was essential
but not vital
one more widget
jammed down the pipeline
of consumer and enterprise markets
it’s monday, today
and i have a few hours of work


image: coffee and journal, creative commons usage

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